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if you think made up pronouns are bad stay away from me.



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if we are in mutuals and want my new blog like this so i can message you my new blog quicker! i’m rly slow about messaging people with my new blog

okay my new blog is ready. i’m gonna be sending the new url to mutual follows throughout the course of the day and dwhatever. message me if you want to know my new url if i forgot to send you it or if you are new to my blog and want to see where i’ve moved.

Maybe I should just
-lies down in my own filth-

Am calmer but not sure what to do now. All I can say is: I got a lot of jojo husbands

tw: self-injury
tw/cw; death, suicide, self-harm, depression, ???

tw/cw; death, suicide, self-harm, depression, ???

Oh man I’m having like a…i don’t know what kind of experience to describe this as but everything is racing and im feeling too much and freaking out and panicking and i started writing about it on twitter but then the feelings got more intense to the point of #suicide and #death and i don’t feel comfortable writing about that on there so i’ll put it here under a cut. the ??? is because i feel like im disassociatingor something but i’m not sure and i’m not sure what to describe what im feeling right now.

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Btw my new blog is coming along well. Already got a theme for it, and did the short about and long about page. Now I need to settle on a URL, and make a tags page.


It’s the year 2055

I’m still not over Thane’s death


if you think that services are being shut down everywhere because the government are powerless to stop nefarious poor people (who secretly aren’t poor but are actually richer than the rich or some shit) from tricking them out of all their money and are forced to close down everything you might be a fucking monster

I feell Ike useless shit 24/7 and I know it’s true it’s incredible

Srsly send me URL ideas. I’m a mess

I’m having a hard time picking a URL for my new blog that doesn’t have to do with memes or something that could be a meme. Help.


of course, almost nothing is as good as utena